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Achieve business success through Beautiful Photography

Having spent my whole career as a professional photographer & stylist, I have worked with so many amazing independent businesses. Alongside life with my lens (because we entrepreneurs can never just do one thing at a time!) I have also owned my own retail businesses; a gift shop, a coffee house, a photography studio AND an online retail business and know what it takes to succeed (and fail) in retail.

At the heart of retail success is brand image and photography and these days my creativity is focussed on helping creative business owners achieve great photos.

I teach creative product photography through my Photocraft® Online Photography School and at various workshops. I inspire creative photography through my Photo Boards™ photography backgrounds and by speaking at craft/business events. I assist in Art Direction and planning for professional photo shoots, and (coming soon) will have a directory of recommended photographers right here on my website!

– Lyndsey James


Creating captivating imagery that tells the story of  a brand, product or service, working with both startup & heritage brands UK wide.

Art Direction

Working with established brands on styling and art direction to bring their imagery into the modern age, while remaining true to their roots.


Educating on the subject of product photography in a digital age through fun & friendly guest appearances at craft, blogging & business events around Europe.


Years Experience as a pro photographer


People photographed in my career!


Pages in my upcoming book!

Go behind the scenes

 Thinking of adopting this sky blue on a wall in our garden   Regram from @robryantown these stickers are a great idea, I love that Rob is using his creativity to spread the message. I've requested some stickers, but living in a constituency that love fox hunting, where many fancy 4x4s don't see any mud and where even UKIP were second in popularity to the tories, I think I have a challenge on my hands! 🇬🇧 #rutland  My first attempt at throwing pots, 2 mugs and a jug  much fun! #downtime
 A very lovely collection of bottles  Love this display so much I bought another 3 in a junk shop to add to my collection :)  My favourite run because my dream 'one day' house is in the distance.  Just need a few £million more in sales 🤣 until then I'll just wave at it.  Tea at the pub
 Sunset dandelion clocks on a local ancient maze   My favourite shop in the village make their own gorgeous hand creams   The snaps I take when out running paint an idyllic picture of a beautiful calm fitness session but don't be fooled, my inner dialogue is something like.. . ouch.. ooh look lambs!.. Who put that hill here? .. that wasn't here last time... ouch...it doesn't even look like a hill but most be... ooh Photo opportunity... waaah car!...he was going too fast.. What were they looking at? ... Aaand breathe... Right ya big bastard hill here goes ...Ouchy... maybe if I do it in 2 parts... Ouch... Ooh Photo of a tree... Maybe 3 parts... I hate running Why do I run?... Dirty litter bugs why would you throw rubbish here? I'll bring a bag next time... Ouch... Look at me I'm running!...Ooh car parked in strange place, wonder if I could run away if I had to?... Hey lambs look at me I'm running!...I'll just stop here a second to take in this view of how far I gave just ran..when did the hill end? Why wasn't there a finish line?... Oh this last bit is further than I recall...Ooh person walking dog! Time to look totally with it...What can I make for lunch?... Phew, home! I love running!

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