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    Photographer · Art Director · Tutor · Writer · Event Speaker

Specialising in Commercial Photography

I work with creative people, amazing spaces & awesome brands.

As a photographer & stylist I work on location, photographing products in beautiful lifestyle scenes, capturing makers crafting a living from their sheds & studios, and photographing the interiors of shops, studios, restaurants and hotels.

From my bohemian studio in rural Rutland I also teach photography & styling online via my Photocraft® photography e-course to a global audience of creative people who make & sell lovely things.

If your business holds a story, I can help you to tell it!


Creating captivating imagery that tells the story of  a brand, product or service, working with both startup & heritage brands UK wide.

Art Direction

Working with established brands on styling and art direction to bring their imagery into the modern age, while remaining true to their roots.


Educating on the subject of product photography in a digital age through fun & friendly guest appearances at craft, blogging & business events around Europe.


Years Experience as a pro photographer


People photographed in my career!


Pages in my upcoming book!

Go behind the scenes

 All summer weekends should include a visit to a village pub garden for a pint. It was on the list for today and is happily ticked off after a pint of Old Mout in the sun with hubby and friends. Up next... making a new meal from my recipe books, time out with a magazine and cuppa (on it), a movie and a shared bath. Buying new toilet seats wasn't on the perfect Sunday list but occured during plant buying so we now feel real posh with slow closing lids, plus I picked up a load of kilner jars for sorting out the larder (small things). Peaceful Sundays pottering about are the best right? Who else has been pottering today? #sundays #pottering #villagepub #Rutland #countrylife  What a gorgeous evening, my man finished work early so we headed for a walk to the pub under blue skies  #summerevenings #blueskies #August #Rutland  It's been a day of dancing under the sun, rain, moon and stars with friends... which is my favourite kind of day ☀☔⭐ #willow #sculpture #festival #devon #summer
 Another item on my perfect Sunday list ticked off...a little jolly to buy house plants, I  house plants and have to be able to see one from any point in the house, they really breathe life into a room and I just love how the leaves on this one look painted. #perfectsunday #houseplants #roominspiration #bohohome  If you are like me and get lost in a fairytale world of your own from time to time you will love my latest blog with the lovely maker of shoes @mrsfairysteps www.photocraft.org/blog #craftsmanship #shoemaker #fairysteps #woodland #workshop #maker #behindthescenes #craft #makersgonnamake #ruralbusiness #creativelife #creativebusiness #devon #dartmoor #devonlife #whimsical #fairytale #gnome #handmade #shoes #leather  Tiptoeing through giant tulips by moonlight  #beautifuldays
 Ah lovely Sunday ❤ Our day. Hubby asked what would make my day the best, write a list and he'll make sure we tick everything off!  (I've not been well this week so I'm loving this mission of making my day perfect). First on my list was me taking time to bake something yummy for breakfast in my pjs, so I made these healthy flapjack bars with honey, cinnamon, oats, almond milk and banana. Then I snook it upstairs to enjoy in bed/share. I know I could have taken a great photo of this on my camera but it's Sunday, styling is not on the agenda and so you'll have to imagine it via this grainy shot, plus I wanted to eat it while warm, yum! Hubby dunked his in the yoghurt, which was a great idea, so I'm now converted to flapjack in yoghurt dunking. #lazysunday #longweekend #perfectday  Looking for a sign that you are about to do the right thing? #festival #signage  Festival packing, the theme this year is stars...so I made myself a boho star crown with willow, silk ribbons and twinkly star lights!   #summer #festival #boho #chilledoutsummer #festivalstyle

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