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Specialising in Commercial Photography

I work with creative people, amazing spaces & awesome brands.

As a photographer & stylist I work on location, photographing products in beautiful lifestyle scenes, capturing makers crafting a living from their sheds & studios, and photographing the interiors of shops, studios, restaurants and hotels.

From my bohemian studio in rural Rutland I also teach photography & styling online via my Photocraft® photography e-course to a global audience of creative people who make & sell lovely things.

If your business holds a story, I can help you to tell it!


Creating captivating imagery that tells the story of  a brand, product or service, working with both startup & heritage brands UK wide.

Art Direction

Working with established brands on styling and art direction to bring their imagery into the modern age, while remaining true to their roots.


Educating on the subject of product photography in a digital age through fun & friendly guest appearances at craft, blogging & business events around Europe.


Years Experience as a pro photographer


People photographed in my career!


Pages in my upcoming book!

Go behind the scenes

 My fake @ljphotoboards backdrops are proving a huge hit and this wooden effect background even gets me doing a double take. This and the linen board are my faves I love to use them instead of the real thing!   Ooh it's been a busy few weeks getting this little project off the ground but yay PhotoBoards™ are now on sale (phew). Now we have a ton of work to do filming video content for the site but I'm all for getting something out there and adding to it as you go. The main thing is the stock looks great and the warehouse elves are ready to pack and send PhotoBoards™ around the world! I'm booked in for a spa day on Sunday that I do each year but I feel this time I might sleep through the whole day and miss it!  Today started at 7am with a tipple of sloe gin with my morning cuppa, that's a first! (thanks hubby) I'm having to work my birthday but it's a lot of fun, photographing my new backdrop collection, don't they look fabulous I'm so happy with them.
 It's been a fun day of mutlti-tasking, shooting for @lottie_jewellery while training up my new office assistant on the delights and adventures of the new @ljphotoboards PhotoBoards™ brand!  It's all a bit photo board crazy in the office this week and I keep doing a double take when I see a board left on a table and I think it is real wood! I had to even share a little Instagram story video with this one it looks so real!  check out @ljphotoboards we are close to launch day eeek! 11/11  The nights might be darker but I love the golden hour afternoons  #autumnsun
 My last post was to announce the opening of my PhotoBoards™ store a week ago and here was me thinking we would sell a few boards to mostly Photocraft students while we built on the website, had a leisurely week adding content, growing it gradually while we decided if the project was a goer. 'I've had enough boards manufactured to last us 4-6 months' I proudly told the team. That soft launch approach that has worked so well for me for many years didn't *quite* go to plan but in a great way despite struggling to keep up with demand, selling out in 48hrs and spending the week having conversations with packing tape, anxiously popping bubble wrap while making demanding phone calls to suppliers and drinking copious amounts of tea. It's been amazing seeing the gorgeous customer photos dropping in this week like this effective shot by @pearpaperco with my wooden floor effect backdrop. Seeing customers take amazing photos like this has made the sleepless nights worthwhile and all the reserve designs I have will go on sale soon! Luckily we have the most patient lovely customers in the world  Go check out @ljphotoboards to follow the crazy adventures and get in touch if you are a blogger I'd love to work with you! -LJ  Lovely morning for parkrunning volunteering today, saving my legs for a 7mile race tomorrow eek! #rutlandwaterparkrun #autumn  It's been one of those crazy busy weeks but I'm finally winding down to start my birthday celebrations. It's not till Weds, I'm starting early!❤ I'm also celebrating my lovely photo boards that arrived from the manufacturers this week. Just photographed my coffee on one, no styling and it looks gorgeous hey! Board down, coffee on, click! snapped in the office, looks like #Hygge heaven - you could take this photo anywhere! My photo boards will make photography so easy for so many lovely makers and bloggers, I can't wait to see how they use them! The boards start their journey to my lovely distributor next week who will be shipping these beauties worldwide for us. The store opens on 11/11! Do give the Instagram account a follow @ljphotoboards and count down to getting your hands on one. The photo boards are way more popular than me haha the account has overtaken my followers with over 1k after just 2 weeks of opening! Have a lovely evening!

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