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Achieve business success through Beautiful Photography

Having spent my whole career as a professional photographer & stylist, I have worked with so many amazing independent businesses. Alongside life with my lens (because we entrepreneurs can never just do one thing at a time!) I have also owned my own retail businesses; a gift shop, a coffee house, a photography studio AND an online retail business and know what it takes to succeed (and fail) in retail.

At the heart of retail success is brand image and photography and these days my creativity is focussed on helping creative business owners achieve great photos.

I teach creative product photography through my Photocraft® Online Photography School and at various workshops. I inspire creative photography through my Photo Boards™ photography backgrounds and by speaking at craft/business events. I assist in Art Direction and planning for professional photo shoots, and (coming soon) will have a directory of recommended photographers right here on my website!

– Lyndsey James


Creating captivating imagery that tells the story of  a brand, product or service, working with both startup & heritage brands UK wide.

Art Direction

Working with established brands on styling and art direction to bring their imagery into the modern age, while remaining true to their roots.


Educating on the subject of product photography in a digital age through fun & friendly guest appearances at craft, blogging & business events around Europe.


Years Experience as a pro photographer


People photographed in my career!


Pages in my upcoming book!

Go behind the scenes

 Sunset run by the lake. What a gorgeous day after the wild day yesterday. Luckily my favourite trees are still standing  It's been another bonkers busy week over at @photoboardshq but this time with running and yoga thrown in to keep me sane.  Old Christmas tree = awesome firelighters for the rest of the year. They go up with a bit of a whoosh so are also a great alternative to a blob of candle wax for making a fire roar when photographing fireside scenes.   Spent a lovely day with @helen_hallows_studio stroking art materials, buying lots of pretty stationery that I absolutely need, browsing beautiful books in @ideas_on_paper and eating delicious food at @kioskatthink #dayoff
 My daily running routine started this am, thanks for the encouragement @maerihoward @poshyarns I just did 5k of hills which was enough for the start of the day and I am telling myself it will only get easier. The beautiful sunrise helped ☀️ #dailyrunnunggoals  Calm by the lake today ☁ #whereirun #timeout  The reason for my recent radio silence on my personal account, Photo Boards! I'm over at @ljphotoboards a lot these days cooing over all the lovely customer photos of the boards in use. Pictured here are Drift, Bench, French Linen and Marble backdrop designs. The last 10 weeks since launch have been a blur but it's great to now see my fave backdrops out there as replicas being enjoyed by so many lovely people and don't they look so real! Very proud of my first manufactured product, been wanting to tick that one off for a while and the excitement is right up there with the memorable business moments of opening my studio, my gift shop, my coffee house, my e-course, my first workshop, and my first public speaking gig ❤ #photoboards #photobackdrops #ljphotoboards #entrepreneur #currentproject #dontstandstill #neverstoplearning #dwellinpossibility #lifeoffirsts
 I have a fridge full of healthy ingredients and time to sit and plan meals for the week ahead. This is a first 'post PBM' (Photo Boards Madness) and I am on a mission to eat healthy.  Luckily my husband makes a mean pizza from scratch, enjoys quick and easy meals and is happy to do the washing when I yell 'hon I've ran out of pants!' but now we are 3 months into this new project and it shows no sign of slowing down, not complaining but it calls for the kind of military style organisation that friends with kids have, previously unknown in this house! I worked myself ill through ridiculous hours when I had my coffee house business and refuse to do that again. (not the coffee house bit, I would totally do that again!) Does anyone else have these crazy times in business when simple living routines go out the window? I know a lot of NOTHS sellers who do especially during holidays. What did you change? What routines did you introduce? I feel that routines like meal planning, short daily workouts, and housework days are the way forward.  Lunching by the river   Sunset on a very cold day ❄ #whereirun #rutland #mymoment #timetorelax

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