Photographer, Art Director, Tutor, Writer, Event Speaker

Specialising in Commercial Photography

I work with creative people, amazing spaces & awesome brands.

As a photographer & stylist I work on location, photographing products in beautiful lifestyle scenes, capturing makers crafting a living from their sheds & studios, and photographing the interiors of shops, studios, restaurants and hotels.

From my office in the national forest I also teach photography & styling online via my Photocraft® photography e-course to a global audience of creative people who make & sell lovely things.

If your business holds a story, I can help you to tell it!


Creating captivating imagery that tells the story of  a brand, product or service, working with both startup & heritage brands UK wide.

Art Direction

Working with established brands on styling and art direction to bring their imagery into the modern age, while remaining true to their roots.


Educating on the subject of product photography in a digital age through fun & friendly guest appearances at craft, blogging & business events around Europe.


Years Experience as a pro photographer


People photographed in my career!


Pages in my upcoming book!

Go behind the scenes

 As you loved the blubells here are the other pieces of giant #crochet I found at the #festival, there's always something new and creative at this one . Totally danced out and I think my hair is in one big knot after 4 days of adding braids, love it. ...blood sweat and tears really don't matter, just the things that you do in this garden..    First #festival of the summer tomorrow and I am packing for sunshine despite it being cold and wet today. Ever the optimist! ☀  The lovely view, worth #running for  #eatingflies #keepgoing #Rutland
 Loving the giant #crochet #bluebells at @beardedtheoryfestival  #handmade #folk  I made a new friend on my run today.  This little scamp emerged from a hedge outta nowhere and ran ahead of me but kept looking over his shoulder to be sure he didn't miss a turn. Eventually we get to our front door 2 miles from where he joined me and he gives me this look as if to say 'That was fun, When's dinner?' We decide to jump in the car and take him back down into the valley to see if we can find some people who might be looking for him, he wouldn't get in the boot of my 4x4 so yep I'm bundled in the boot with him while hubby drove. He sat on my knee and was looking out too. Thankfully he belonged to a group of hunters who we found, he obviously didn't like the shooting noises either. A little bit of me wishes I could have kept him though he was super sweet.   As you can see I was taking advantage of the photo opportunities (aka moments to catch my breath) Maaan running is hard going...anyone else doing the #outrunmay challenge?
 Hello from the woodland at @beardedtheoryfestival we got lucky with ☀☀☀ and are spending the weekend lazing in beautiful countryside with great friends & great music   We are at the Space Centre for an evening with Robin Ince and friends. Wonder if this is one of them...  A little spot of magical light on my run earlier this eve ✨

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