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My new website is coming soon...

My 'hire me as a photographer' website was outdated. I tend not to refer to myself as a photographer these days. I am of course proud of my long career capturing beautiful images of lovely places & objects, but when it comes to writing an 'about page', I realise that my working life so far cannot be defined by the subject of Photography alone.

My own creative journey has taken me to beautiful places, introduced me to fascinating people and taught me a lot about being an artist while running a business. I’ve been a Professional Photographer for 15 years, in addition to a Shop Keeper, Restaurant Owner, Product Designer, Events Speaker, Art Director & Photography Tutor.

My route has sometimes looped around in circles and taken me uphill as fast as it has down. All the while I have been a curious passenger, excited to see where this adventure takes me to next.

Never known to just work on one project at a time, I’m currently loving being an Artist and Art Director, Product Designer, retailer, (or as friends like to call me, 'Mother of Photo Boards®') with a little event speaking on the side.

I source and craft my own unique textures to create Photo Boards® photography backdrops - loved by professional photographers, craftspeople, and brands worldwide. Each design is lovingly crafted to reflect current trends and often starts with me, in my garden workshop, with my paintbrush and a palette of colour.

Despite Photo Boards® being that product I searched for my whole photography career, they are more popular than I could have ever imagined they would be. Their launch was perfectly timed with the sudden increase in food photographers, bloggers and crafters sharing their skills, adventures and products on Instagram.

For now, I have retreated from commercial photography into running the Photo Boards® brand whole-heartedly. Life is a unique blend of the demanding logistics of being a retail brand director, teamed with the calm creativity of painting and studying textures and trends for the collection.

I plan to return to publishing the book I started writing and to teaching photography too someday. Both sit patiently on the shelf waiting for me, waiting for their moment, just like Photo Boards® did.