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Get the sparkle in your Christmas tree shots

Posted on Dec 19, 2012 by in Random musings | 1 comment


So you have decorated a beautiful tree and want a pretty picture of it? Here is how you photograph your Christmas tree with added sparkle.

You can keep the room lighting dimmed for a warm sparkly (as you see it) effect and do these shots in the evening if you wish.

Set your camera up on a tripod for stability.

Set your camera ISO to around 400.

If you have an SLR set it to ‘Aperture priority mode’ (the A or Av setting usually found on a dial on top, often next to the Auto setting) and set the lens aperture to the highest possible number. This shot was taken on f22.

If using a compact camera, some have ‘Aperture Priority’ mode too, but as an alternative using your ‘Landscape’ mode (usually pictured by a small mountain symbol) also sets the aperture to it’s highest setting.

By using a high aperture number, the hole through which the light travels into the camera is at it’s smallest and causes the lovely sparkly star burst effect on all the lights (a lot like when you look at your tree through squinted eyes!). The exposure may be up to 15 seconds long though, that is why you are using a tripod!

Another tip for keeping that camera really still while on the tripod is to use the self timer function. This way the shot is delayed, so your finger releasing the shutter button does not jog the camera mid exposure.

Happy snapping and Merry Christmas!

LJ x


1 Comment

  1. This is a lovely well written guide and i am pleased I came across it. I have just got a bridge camera as am interested in taking up photography as a hobby. I have no idea where to start though really and my camera didnt come with a very good guide.

    I am going to.have a go at this when my little girl has gone to bed :)

    Would love to read more of this sort of thingLyndsey

    Merry Christmas x

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