Following a long career as a freelance photographer & high street retailer, I now teach, write and present on the subject of great photography in retail.

I studied photography in a university dark room, back when it was all about the curious alchemy of film & chemicals in the 90’s.

Fast forward 15 years and I have owned a high street photography studio, photographed over 20k people as a portrait photographer, launched a high street coffee house, gift shop, design studio and travelled around the UK with my camera ~ meeting and photographing many amazing businesses and creative people.

Commercial Photography

My passion lies in commercial photography. I was a shopkeepers daughter living above a village shop as a child from a generation of retailers, so it seems a natural progression that my photography focus turned to retail.

I’m passionate about helping businesses succeed through having great imagery; the key to success in a digital world where your every move as a business is scrutinised online.

So whether I am teaching photography to retailers or makers, photographing products, people and places for businesses, or educating crowds at a craft or business event on how great photography will help them, I am lucky enough to love every moment of what I do.


In 2014 I founded the Photocraft® online photography school, now with a global audience (I love to tell people how Photocraft has reached 6 of the 7 continents of the world!)  I teach photography & styling skills online to designers, makers, bloggers & bakers through my 100 lesson tutor guided e-course – for people who make & sell lovely things.

From the success of Photocraft I am so excited to be writing my first book and continue to offer photo shoots on location. In 2017 I am looking forward to a new UK tour of workshops, it’s been a while since my last one and I love to explore new places!

LJ x

Hello! This is me :)

With crafty goddess Kirstie Allsopp at The Handmade Fair where I presented on the main stage to a lovely crowd of over 300 makers!

In my happy place with calm and a pot of mint tea, writing content for my book & courses and keeping in touch with my Photocraft students around the world!